Firmware 4.0.1 introduces "POPS"

Hello! I saw you recently released firmware 4.0.1. I always wait until it is available for wifi before I download the new updates.
I have an upcoming solo gig this weekend and I rely heavily on using the AEROS for a good portion of it. I had previously made some songs on the AEROS which I use as backing tracks for some of the performance. After updating to the new firmware I set everything up to practice the songs for this upcoming weekend and after loading a few I noticed there were some VERY noticeable “Pop” sounds that were not there previously. The pops are so loud and noticeable that it makes the loops unusable. I loaded a few different songs to see if they all had pops and discovered the only time the pops occurred were during song sections where it had multiple tracks that were not synced totally.

For example: Track 1 is 4 bars long, Track 2 is 8 bars long, Track 3 is 4 bars long.
Every time track 2 hit it’s cycle there is a loud Pop. On other songs where all the track lengths were synchronized there was no pop introduced after downloading the new firmware.

I ended up reinstalling the previous firmware (3.5.1) and reloaded all the songs and the Pops were gone. Something in the new firmware is causing pop sounds which makes many of my loops unusable. I am content with the previous firmware for this upcoming weekend. Hopefully you can look into what may be causing the pop sounds so I can re-download the new firmware in the future.

-Jason (Dayton,OH)

Hello, that is odd, but we did add a background logger system that introduces pops when it is turned on, but it is not meant to be on at all times, only when trying to reproduce a hard to capture behavior.

Could you let me know if you turned this on or if by chance you could try redownloading 4.0.0, you could verify that this is still happening and the logger is off.

I have not heard any reports of this happening on any other looper, so it seems unlikely this was caused by just downloading 4.0.0.

If you didn’t turn it on yourself, that could be a bug however.

Please let me know when you can, thanks!

Thanks for getting back. I will plan to re-download the new firmware at the end of this weekend and do a few tests. I did not adjust any settings after downloading it originally so I don’t know anything about a “logger” being turned on.
After I download it I will let you know if I do in fact get the popping sounds back in the loops and at that point I will try to let you know as much details about it’s occurrence as possible. Thanks.

Thank you very much!

We apologize for any inconvenience, hopefully the logger turned on somehow accidentally

Since my Aeros upgraded itself via wi-fi, clever little chap, my Maestro no longer seems to control it. I have to bend down and select prerecorded songs manually. Any ideas why? Still works with the BB though.

I Dm’ed you

I have the same problem

Hey there,

Have you confirmed that the Active Logger is off in the diagnostics screen? You can find the logger on/off switch in the upper right hand side of the diagnostics page. You access the diagnostics page by first going to the Updates screen.

Let me know thanks!