Firmware 4.1.5 resulted in freeze and loss of recordings

After the new firmware was installed, I laid down some backing for a song, saved it, then switched to another song, reloaded the new one to check it, then turned the Aeros off. When I rebooted the Aeros, both the new song and the old one I had loaded after it were listed in the song menu, but when I tried to load either one of them the Aeros froze with a white line on the screen just to the left of centre. All my other old songs are OK, but those two can’t be accessed.

Hey there thank you for reporting, could you possibly send these two song folders from your SD to This may help us look into what is specifically wrong with these two songs.

You could also potentially turn on the active logger in the diagnostics page before opening the songs and then trying to open them, this may give us some insight as well.

Please send the log file found in your SD to

You can find more info about the active logger on pg 49 in the manual:

Thank you for reporting and we apologize for the inconvenience

Thanks, I just sent you a link so that you can download a zip file containing the two songs. “Get back” was the new one, and “Ain’t no sunshine” was the old one that appeared to be mucked up after I switched to it from the new recording.

I’ve also sent you the log file.

One huge difference between those two songs and the others in my backup: They have nothing at all in the .meta file, and so I assume that is the problem.

Thank you very much, we apologize for any inconvenience and will be looking into this ASAP. Please let us know if anything else happens and we will get back to you on our findings.

I just re-recorded “Get Back”, and saved it without going to another song. Then turned the machine off & back on and it was there.

Hey, again! Support sent you an email, have you seen it?

We need you to find another method to send the song files, we were not able to download them using the link you sent. Have you ever used Wetranser? It’s free! Just turn the folders into .zip files to easily send them to us.

Let me know thanks!