Firmware File problem


I am having problems with the firmware update link and download - zip folder contains binary files and wont unzip. Is there a known problem and fix?


Please read and follow the instruction below exactly especially take note of stage 2.

Installing the New Firmware

1. Download: Click Here

2. Open the file. If you can’t open the file, download free software from[/url] or [url=]

It will look like this:

3. Connect your BeatBuddy to your computer. With the BeatBuddy powered on and the SD card inside it, connect your BeatBudy to your computer with the USB cable.

OR insert the BeatBuddy’s SD card into your computer’s SD card reader.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a Mac, it is better if you put the sd card in an sd card reader instead of plugging the usb cable.

4. Open the SD card folder. The computer should give you a pop-up to open the folder, or you can find the SD card drive on ‘My Computer’ (on Windows).

It will look like this:

5. Drag all of the firmware files into the SD card.

Now all of the firmware files are in you SD card folder:

6. Unplug the USB cable. Or remove the SD card from your computer and insert it into the BeatBuddy. Keep the BeatBuddy powered on. After a few moments, the screen will display ‘Updating Firmware’ and then the BeatBuddy will restart itself. DO NOT unplug the BeatBuddy’s power during this process!


Brimar18 - have you received an error message while trying to unzip the folder? If so, what was the exact wording of the error message? Are you using one of the recommended applications for unzipping? Refer to the steps outlined above by Psalm40, those are the precise instructions of successful execution.

There are binary files in the folder, they are meant to be there so the BeatBuddy can execute the commands and update itself. You are supposed to transfer the files (step 5) from the root folder of the unzipped folder to the root folder of the SD card (root folder is the first screen you see when you open up a folder).


I took the plunge and updated the firmware on my iMac (old one running current OS X Maverick). I put the SD card in a card reader. The only trick was to remember to change the switch on the card to unlock so I could copy the files and then relock it when I put it back in the BB. Update went perfectly and quickly.

Now to (im)patiently wait for the Mac software…


The problems I had with the BB have all stemmed from the content of the SD Card, either as recieved or after Firmware upload using winzip. All fine now, suggest warn against winzip in instructions.