Firmware Update 2015 ?

Is there any news on the promised, most in depth Firmware Update, taking in all the issues/suggestions from the User Forum, seems to have went very quiet on this front ?

It is still in the work :confused:

It is currently being beta tested and finalized. There will be an update with the new firmware release in the near future.

Thanks folks! Really tired of resetting FootSwitch functions after editing with my card reader (MAC)…disconnecting doesn’t always seem to be a universal workaround.

Hi All - any word (since this May 2015 original post) on the arrival of firmware? Is there another post we should be watching?

We released version 1.41 a few days after the original post in this thread. If that’s the version you have, then you have the latest official version. We are in the process of developing an even newer version, that is not finalized yet. It appears fairly stable in the meantime, so if you’d like to try it, email - and we will give it to you. :slight_smile:

Just sent the email thanks! Have you posted a list of features and fixes for this version?

Would be interesting to know, before trying out the new firmware, also the current known issues till now… If you give that only voluntary beta testers, I`ll send also email to support…