firmware update

I up dated to the latest firmware, I got it sync to the voicelive 3 but now when I hit the doubling/drive on the vl3 it hits the accent of the bb, and when I hit the hit button it pauses the bb, I unhooked the midi send out to the bb from the voicelive 3 and its keeping the timing synchronize right with the bb, with the new update is it now sending messages to the bb? Obviously is, but how to use this to my advantage when I loop through the vl3???havent quite figured it out yet, any help would be great thanks.

What FW do you use? Sice your BB seems to react to some incomming Midi messages, I assume you´re on 1.77? If so, you can disable incomming Midi CC´s. This should help if you use no Midi controller.
Did you set any Midi channels? Midi commands (PC´s, CC´s, notes)are assigned to a specific Midi channel, so make sure your VL3 sends Midi to another channel as the default BB recieve channel, Midi clock (and also Midi start/stop) are commands, always going out to all channels, so VL3 should sync (and start/stop)your BB anyway…
In VL3 you can also filter outgoing Midi ( you can set filter only PC´s, only CC´s, and so on (AFAIR))

It didnt do it till I loaded the 1.77 firmware update, thanks I got it to working right now, still learning

I also use VL3, what you are doing sounds cool, can you please explain how you do this as it would help me so much.
I have no midi knowledge at all. This would solve a lot of issues, what about a switch 3 or switch 6 in the mix? One more, with the
new FW in BB, will you be able to just load a midi song in it to play all the way through? If this is the case, there is no need for the VL3 to send midi msg. I am a complete newb so please bare with me.I just want to have a one man act as simple as I can with the BB and VL3. I currently have the VL3 as slave to the BB.

Well guy im pretty new at this to and at midi too im still learning to use the looper on the vl3,if you dont have the 1.77 firmware update on the BB, email support and they will hook you up with beta version, its not released yet, so I dont really know what all features they changed or updated till released but I know that it sends stop/start pause/play and change songs in files, im still messing with it hooked to the looper I know there are other functions it should do but haven’t got there yet, as far as playing a song all the way through, some members on the forum shared songs with bass that with some parts you have to change with the pedal but there is a 500 note limit on the BB manager software right now, that is soon to be changed and then youll be able to use it like you want to, I wish I knew more about midi to help you but theres alot of ppl on here that helped me out that have the knowledge to help you out good luck!