firmware update

Hey, Im a kind of new BeatBuddy user. I wanted to update to the newest firmware, the problem is that I dont have those files on my SD card (app, boot, mlo) so I can’t replace them. Can I just paste them on My SD card? The rest of the SD card looks normal with regular folders like on the tutorial video. I bought my BB brand new 2 years ago and didnt update it since then. Just havent used it too much. Can anyone tell me what to do in this situation??

Download and unzip 2.0.4
Insert unlocked SD card to your Mac’s SD slot reader
Copy the five firmware files to the top level of the card
Insert card in the powered-down pedal
Power up the pedal & let the update complete

Thanks a lot, it worked. Didnt want to messed my BB up. Now Its time to play:)

I’ll be doing that tomorrow, hopefully! Just bought the SD reader for my Mac. Noticed on some posts the BB logo is different than others. Am I crazy or is it recent or from way back?
Support on this site is great, by the way!

Got My Buddy today and just a few moments ago I did the update before anything else. SO easy! I can’t believe I was worried about this! Such a super high quality device, sounds great, totally intuitive, and excellent support! Now to start diving deeper into this and get to some jamming along with my new “personal” drummer! Love my BeatBuddy! – and thank you, Persist for your posts that made all of this so easy! you rock!