First gig!


Hi folks,
I did my first gig with the BeatBuddy last night and it was pretty successful!

The setting is very informal. It’s a street fair incompassing about 6 blocks in a local town. On a busy night there are musicians on several intersections. People pass by and some times they stop to listen for a song or two. So, I wasn’t worried about perfection.

I run everything through a Yamaha StagePass 500 watt PA, so the BB gets its own channel.

Since I am not yet able to use the BB manager because of accessibility issues, I decided to take a different path. Yesterday I set up button one to act as tap tempo either stopped or playing. I also set the main pedal to start on press, and to skip intros. Using these settings, I was able to use Blues 1 and 2, and Brushes 3 and 5 at different tempos to back myself playing acoustic guitar and singing.

Here was the typical flow. With BB set on blues 1, I started playing “Saw Her Standing There” by the Beatles on my guitar. I tapped the tempo and pressed start when I started singing. I played through the song using various fills ETC. At the end of the song I used one last fill and pressed button 2 to pause. It worked GREAT.

I did about 8 or ten songs over two hours in this manner, mixed in with other songs with no drums and with my usual percussion setup. People seemed to enjoy it and I even had a group of kids dancing for a little while.

It was definitely a learning experience. I cannot wait to have full access to the BB manager with my screen reader. I may have my wife help me out setting up a directory of commonly used beats so I can taylor on the fly for these situations for now. In a week and a half I will use it in a worship leading situation. This will be done song specific and I’ll tell more about that later.

All in all, I think this went GREAT! The BB performed well. The big thing I had to remember is that I must wait a couple of seconds after tapping the tempo to use any other BB functions. This is a slight limitation, but it can be tolerated for now. :slight_smile:

thanks BB team!



sounds like a success. I’m going live in worship this sunday with it. I have access to the manager and was able to create a set list and tailor the songs to pretty much how I wanted them. Here goes nothing right?!



When you have the management software issues worked out, here’s a custom song file for “I Saw Her Standing There”


Thanks! I’ll give it a try when I can!