First impressions

My first impressions are, some great sounds, I particularly like the cajon, and percussion, the editor software was nowhere near as difficult to use as I had expected reading reviews, it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty straightforward.

The snare can get that " machine gun " sound, especially on some of the downloadable songs, and yes I really appreciate all the time forum users spend making them, and putting them up for free.

The accent button wouldn’t work on my foot switch, after setting and re-seting the foot switch function several times it would work intermittently, or give a double hit; I changed the cable and now it works perfectly.

I would love if someone could make a cajon with an upright bass kit; for me where the Beatbuddy shines is percussion accompaniment for unplugged/semi-unplugged gigs.

And a very helpful, and friendly forum thanks Jaberwock