First Live Gig Aeros

Initially, my first impressions of the Aeros on a live gig are pretty good. I’m coming from a Ditto X4, and while that unit served me well for 150+ gigs a year, for a couple of years, it finally begin to crap out. I’ve highly anticipated using the Aeros and had it for a couple of months, but my functionality needs were not addresses til the freeform beta.

Overall, the unit worked fine in a basic capacity. Pretty much just one simple loop with an overdub. I’m hoping to see synced loops real soon. Having the other tracked not synced, makes that functionality not usable for my needs. @DavidPackouz, any update on when this functionality will be available? Another function I would like to see is when I stop and clear the loop, I get asked whether I would like to clear all tracks. It is a bit troublesome on a live gig to have to navigate to a different button to answer this question. I would prefer if I hold the stop button down for say 2 seconds that the slate would be wiped clean, similar to the Ditto X4, without the question.

I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and excited to see some of this future functionality implemented!


Glad that you had a good experience with it @Khicks79

We’re hoping to release the synced tracks feature with the next update. It’s currently being tested.

We implemented a two step ‘clear all’ system because that’s a pretty serious mistake if you didn’t mean to delete the song – and since holding down the button starts the process, that can be easily done accidentally, so we thought that the extra step is necessary to prevent accidentally deleting the song.

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Hey @DavidPackouz, any update on the synced tracks? Thanks!

I’m testing it now!! Hope to have a release this week :smiley:

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Any update on the synced tracks?