First Song, questions on Every Rose Has A Thorn

I like this for this song… my question is does everyone do this many parts to a song… using in a three piece. Bass, Acoustic, Lead Guitar …
also does this sound ok…

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t open the song file.

I don’t remember this particular song having a lot of parts, but some songs do if there are things that make verses and choruses unique, especially if you are particular about the song being right (I am). FWIW, I think my most part-intensive song has 14 parts.

Well first time I made it I did a verse on a Chorus… Then I noticed beginning verse and last verse are pretty bare. So I did that… then I didn’t have a simple 2 part song so Had to break it all the way down. that was my question do you guys normally break the songs down completely or just keep it simple… will have a bass, lead, and acoustic with it.

Not sure quite what you mean, but I’ll take a stab at it: Some people here swear by multipart songs that they drive manually, others swear by one-press songs (they all seem to get the some version of the acronym, “OP”). It’s mostly a personal preference thing.