First video with BeatBuddy

A song of Eric Goulet, originally played with his band Possession Simple (way more rock). I mounted the beat with CharlesSpencer software. It was a test for a future demo, sorry for the wrong focus camera.

Nice…well done!

+1. I needed my wife to help with the French translation a bit. But the passion and musical ability I got right away! Well done. Thanks for sharing!!

Nice Sound and arrangement. Needs a little guitar work in the background though. Just kidding. I am a lead guitarist so I always say that. Good Job. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

@ fingerstylepicker
I agree to the guitar :slight_smile: We want to eventually integrate a guitarist and a female singer. For now, we have a super-drummer, and this is a great addition for us! Thank you for your comment :slight_smile:

@19 frets
Thank you for your comment :slight_smile:
I am certainly more understandable singing in French rather than English!

BB live without using the limit of 500 notes, recorded last week at a cafe in Victoriaville, Quebec:

Nice work. You have that BB really working for you :slight_smile: