Flashing Tempo Light in next Firmware update... Please?

This should be an easy firmware fix. When you load a song, the tempo automatically flashes in red (Make the WHOLE SCREEN flash red Please) so you can count off the other musicians when not using intros. Currently I have to program one or two measures of closed hats as a count off at the beginning of the Intro, but the audience hears these count offs too, which I don’t like.
BTW, I know most are using their BB for singles/duos, but this thing (when programmed right) can really replace a drummer, either making the $$ split better, or letting you add another piece to the band! I LOVE IT!!!
It makes a Duo sound like a Trio, and a Trio (Bass, Gtr, Keys) sound like a 4 piece band!!! Thanks BB!!!

This is an extremely cool suggestion!!
When counting-in every quarter note progress should change the whole screen color from red to white.

By the way, as a workaround currently you can add completely silent intros (aka count-in) using invalid MIDI notes in a MIDI file (like you can use MIDI note 0 instead of 42 - Closed Hi-Hats).
Having such an intro would be totally inaudible for your audience, yet you can count it off to your fellow musicians if you pay attention to the pedal screen announcing quarter notes progress.

Thanks Daef, I already the silent intro thing , but that little beat marker just wasn’t easy enough to see to count off the band, that’s why it should flash the entire screen until the Intro starts. Maybe that would work if we had a remote midi Main pedal, and the BB on a stand so my old tired eyes could see it better LOL

Yes, I totally understand your request. Maybe having a flashing mode completely replace beat indicator will be a good idea as well. This is a nice thing to think about.