Fleetwood kit

Some of you might remember, a number of years ago, there was a program called Acid. It eventually got bought by Sony, and eventually, development stopped. But one of their noteworthy features, pre-Sony, was to produce noteworthy add-on discs of Wav samples, which could be used in the program. These were so-called acidized wav files, wav files that had key and tempo information in their meta data, allowing them to be manipulated by the program. One such disc contained samples of Mick Fleetwood’s drums.

This kit is made from those samples, so you can have Mick playing drums for you, sort of.


Hi Phil

Thanks for this. Do you have the Total Drumming CD? I’m after the oneshots file if its avaiiable. I think it’s discontinued :frowning:

Amazon has the disc available for download (which really surprised me.) I’ve been looking for CD package that Journey’s Steve Smith put out. I haven’t even got a good lead on that one.

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Hi Phil Sadly when you try to buy it on Amazon its not actually available. Does the file on your dropbox contain the WAV files?

I’ll load em up and send you a link.

That would be amazing Phil! Thank you so much

PS I only need the one shots folder