Fleetwood Mac: Go Your Own Way

Me and my duo partner playing the classic Fleetwood Mac song. The beat is available in the BeatBuddy Resources section as a .sng file.

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You guys rocked it! Great bass line and nice effects on the solo too. Well done!

Nice! I have only found 1 song file (it is an .sng) by Guitar Stu. Is that the file you use? If so, it sounds nothing like the file I downloaded. What drum kit and settings pls?

Thank you!

Hi DDay22,

Here is the .sng file that I use:

I just use “Standard” drums at 138 BPM. It starts with a 4-beat count-in, goes through the intro, and then automatically into the 1st chorus. For the rest of the song, you will then need to manually switch between Verse and Chorus. It’s a pretty simple beat, but very effective.



Hey very very nice Lanny, thank you for responding so quickly and for sending me your file! I love it!



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