Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon

Hey guys any suggestions for Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac?
Has anyone done an OPB? or suggestions on what patterns might work
to do. I am new here and I want to learn how to construct my own stuff
but its a steep learning curve.

I’ll put together an OPB version.

Great thanks let me know what you need $



Thank you so much but I have a question. I see sng v1 sng v2 etc why different versions of the song?
also sometimes I see a midi file as well. Why is that? Thanks.

Some users are bass players and don’t need or want the v2 (OPB) songs, thus the v1 (drums only) songs. The v3 and v4 songs include keys, horns or strings. When included, the MIDI source file is for users to adjust the song to their own taste e.g., transcribe to a different key or change velocities of instruments that are too loud or too soft. When I don’t include the source file, it’s intentional so best not to ask for it. Sometimes I get lazy and just work up a v3 or v4 version. :smiley:

Thanks so much. God I feel stupid. Ok so OPB stands for One Press Bass, right?
I thought it stood for One Play Button. LOL
I just figured that particular acronym out. After I went and looked at the zip folder I figured out that
yes V1 is just the drums, V2 is drums and Bass, etc. and I did want the drums and bass.
I also saw DOP? and OPBk? So I have see what they mean but Persist you are the best.
Thanks so much. PS Someone mentioned the mechanics of how these mirror tracks are constructed.
Is it somewhat akin to putting aural tracing paper over the original till you get it right?
I would love to see a video of someone actually doing it.

Thanks for your feedback.


Yes thanks I just saw the post. Always a dollar short and day late. lol
Thanks again and please think about a post showing us all your drumetic
genius. Great stuff.