Flipped my lid ... (velcro hack)

Hi guys,

I just received my BB and discovered it has this rubber pad on the bottom, with a label too, which I don’t like since it works poorly with Velcro.

If you can accept modifying the pedal you can flip the bottom lid - probably a known trick for most of you but maybe some pictures are still interesting to those who haven’t considered doing it.


Drill a new hole as a mirror image of the existing one. Countersink the new hole and the two at the other end for a flat surface.

Trim off a little rubber to allow the lid to sit flat.

Reattach the lid with the rubber now inside the pedal, add Velcro. Done!

Most excellent, I have just this week faced this exact problem and now I have an answer. Thanks.

Excellent tutorial. I did the same thing a few months ago and wished I had these directions! The metal is very easy to drill through as well - a regular drill bit will work fine.