Focus - Sylvia. Can Somebody Plz Create a .sng For This?

Such a great band, but cursed with the “one-hit-wonder” tag (Hocus Pocus). This song, Sylvia, is really their best music, IMHO.

Posting it to Resources in a few minutes.

Thanks Phil. Another awesome track. Not sure how you do these things so fast, but I’m glad you do.

Hi Phil, can you re-post this please or post a link? I can’t find it in Resources. Many thanks!

Much appreciated Phil - I must remember to use a * when I search for stuff…

Quotes work too, i.e., “Sylvia”. Just glad you got it. :slight_smile:

Hi Phil, any idea why the organ chords keep sustaining please? I’m not using any external pedals, have latest firmware, tried a factory reset to default BB pedal settings, and am using NP My Big Organ with Bass XXRL kit.

Hi Phil, Skip that please. I just discovered my last pedal FW update attempt failed for some reason. Now successfully updated and everything is Hunky Dory thanks!