Folder gone

Today when I opened BBM , one of my music folders was gone, this folder is still on the SD, how do I import only this folder into the project without losing the rest that is in the project in my PC

Make sure that you did not use a period in the name of a song or the folder e.g., Mrs.Robinson.sng or 1. Song name.sng

i dont know how to import

You cannot import a project or a single folder from your SD card but you can use the BBM File - Open Project and navigate to your SD card to open and try to recover the project from there.

Once you have the project open in the BBM, find the folder that’s gone and find the song or folder that’s using a period or other special character in the title and change it. Then save the project and export it to your SD card.

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there is any song with period or any special caracter

Well good. You should have recovered your missing folder, right?

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