Folder name midi sync

hi, im trying to add midi syntax in onsong. I read a lot of threads here but the simple question that i cant solve is: How i know what is the folder name in BB? For example if i want to assign a latin song in onsong, what code or syntax i have to use? I only see the names of the songs but cant see the numeric name. I appreciate your help im a newby.

Do you use Beat Buddy Manager (BBM)? What you need to do is open BBM and count which folder it is and the beat. Be sure to start at 0 (not 1) for the folder songs.

Yes im using B manager software. I will try do that, can you let me see (image or text) an example of MIDI: 0.00:00 ? That is the format syntax for: Song, drumset. Example, i want: Latin: mambo and drumset flamenco drums. What will be the syntax for that? Thanks!

Here’s how I go about doing it. It’s a little different than the syntax as I use OnSong to find the folder/song on the Beat Buddy. I’m at work so I can’t access it until much later)
In OnSong, Hold the title of the song so “midi events” appears
Press the + button
Hit Program selection
Put in a Bank number (MSB and LSB) - MSB would likely be 0 (I can’t remember what number MSB starts with but it’s something like 128 folders). LSB would then = 0 to be the first folder, 1 is the second folder and so on
Select a Program number (that would be the beat you want in the folder. Again, 0 = beat #1, 1 = Beat #2)
Click Done.

Thanks a lot Boosty, im afraid is not working for me … I tried a different LSB and MSB and the beatbuddy still in Blues rythm, not change to latin song.