Folder navigation with footswitch

Hi, first post here. I am new to Beatbuddy and want to use the footswitch to move up and down folders and not just up and down the list within a folder. I have the latest firmware 2.04 installed. Holding either of the switches (or both) down does not switch out of the folder to the folder menu as I have seen reported in a couple of threads here.

Hoping to get some help. Thanks folks!

  • run the Footswitch Detector
  • set it up running the Footswitch Functions; suggested settings:
    • 1st switch (left); pedal stopped > advance song
    • 1st switch (left); pedal playing > pause/unpause
    • 2d switch (right); pedal stopped > back song
    • 2d switch (right); pedal playing > outro fill
  • with a song stopped, press left foot switch once (maybe just a slight hold); pedal displays folder mode
  • press left switch once more (just click it); pedal displays contents; now you can use the left or right switch to move up or down one song at a time

Takes some getting used to.

Thank you very much, I will try these settings.

While on the Footswitch subject Im finding everytime I pull the fooswitch out and put it in to main peda again I have to reset it.I have the latest firmware.Why is it not saving the last settings i have made?

I set it up like you said and it will only advance/back song when stopped. No folder up from holding down left or right button

ozrider, no need to hold the button. Do the folders display at all? If they do display, just click the left or right button. A couple of things: what type of switches are identified when you run the Footswitch Detector–Momentary On or Latching? Is this a BeatBuddy remote foot switch? Are you using the TRS (stereo tip) cable?

Hmmm. That doesn’t sound right. Pedal should retain the settings. I don’t think I’ve heard of these symptoms. I’ll test mine. I think I have a solution. BTW, are you Exporting Project to SD card or using the Synchronize Project?

Yes, it’s the BB f/s, and it’s Latching. The folders don’t display at all unless I use the buttons by hand on the BB pedal itself. Oh yeah and it has a TRS beatbuddy stereo tip cable

Okay then. Sounds like you may have one of the older remote foot switches (RFS) SS the new ones come with momentary switches. If you bought it recently, you might try to exchange just the RFS from where you bought it.

I cannot replicate your symptoms. I’ve tried pulling the foot switch patch cable out with the pedal on or off. Only thing I can think of is that if you are Exporting to SD card instead of Synchronizing to SD card, it will wipe out the settings. If you’re exporting, I may have a solution; if you Sync to SD card, I don’t have a solution. Let me know.

I usually export to card.
When I go to sync to card Im not sure what folder on computer I sync to

I think exporting is the cause. You should Sync to the root level of your SD card and it will maintain your foot switch settings on the card.

thanx I will do that

p.s is it best when exporting/syncing to put SD card straight into computer which is what I do or to connect pedal with card in via USB

Directly into computer SD slot reader. You will have to put card in the pedal and make the settings and then put it back in your computer when ready to sync. It should then retain the settings.