Folder of MIDI file loops Import

Ability to import a folder of numerous MIDI drum loops into BB folder.

I can download 700 free MIDI loops but I have to put them in one at a time.

I’ve already made the prototype to drag and drop multiple files at once, and it will import SNG files in a pack.

But how would you like to import a ton of MIDI files at once? How will the BBManager realize what MIDI relates to which song, which one is the song intro, fill or transition?

Your idea has a great potential, and I would like to hear how you would have handled it.

First you need the MIDI loops well organized and in specifically named folders. Then just import the main song loop into BB MGR. Sync. Step through the folder when you need to find a particular beat for a song that you couldn’t find in you Most Used Beats Folder. Once you find the fit it’s worth going back and adding fill, transition, etc.

BB pedal can hold a huge library of songs, but organization and naming is key.

You will waste years if you build each song one at a time from MIDI, with intros, fills, trans, outros and then find out if you really could use it.

Or you cant sit at the computer with guitar, microphone and audition MIDI with Window player hooked to the PA.

Wait, I don’t think I understand you.
So do you want to be able to mass import a lot of MIDI files at once if (and only if) they are structured in different folders, and have some special preset names?
Do you really think it will be easier for you to structure your MIDI files between folders on the disk before importing them to BBManager at once than making songs via BBManager directly?

Hi Daefecator,
I see your point. Either you organize in the computer’s file system, or you organize using BB manager’s archaic methods, which, hopefully will get better, along with more accessible to blind users.

But, what if there were some sophisticated search criteria which would search for or organize files using words such as “fill” or “intro” in a particular file tree structure?

Of course there is no guarantee that midi files will have these tags in their file names, but, there is a good chance when one purchases or downloads midi files from a commercial midi file producer.

I thought Blues2 Folder, with the blues main loops only in it. BB imports and labels the Song1, Song2 as it does now. The loops have some organization from your download, hopefully keep that.

Maybe you can look at the free 700 loops from Groovemonkee and come up with a way to get them into BB MGR easily. That was the mission.

A support for GrooveMonkee may be done, but not in the nearest future, unfortunately. There are far more critical tasks to solve before that. Though, a drag&drop feature may help.
As for supporting visually impaired / blind users, I am still evaluating of what can be done to effectively improve the usability of the BBManager without having any side effects in order to discuss with the team.