Folder Size !!!!

I need to increase my folder size limit. I have nearly 2000 songs in my repertoire, I want to put them all in a master list ( I use smaller set lists as well ) and just be able to scroll through them with my foot. Constantly bending over to change folders is not a good look on stage. Surely there is a way to increase folder capacity beyond 99 songs ?? For a full time working muso 99 songs is NOTHING.

I use 450 songs on a VERY regular basis and need to add at least 50 to that to make up a basic "request " list … Please help.

BeatBuddy presently remains limited to 99 folders and 99 songs per folder. You do have some options, though.

  • With a remote (two-button) foot switch and firmware 1.8.5, you are able to scroll forward and backward through folders and songs.
  • If you are using a midi controller, you should be able to do something similar.
  • OnSong and other iOS apps also increase your folder selection flexibility.