Folder transfer

I’ve created a song folder for my solo gigs project on BB manager and tried to upload to the pedal. How do I do that without overwriting over the installed BB song folder (ex.blues,reggae, pop, etc). It keeps saying my songs are in the pedal, and if I continue it’ll overwrite.
I tried it twice, loaded my project, but then lost the BB song folder. So I had to reload the BB song folder to the pedal. But then my folder disappears…
I want to keep both the BB song folder and my folder in the pedal…


SD Card internal format is like a solid archive - it must be united. You can’t split that to several parts. While you definitely may have as many folders on the SD card as you wish, only those folders created via Manager Software will be visible for BeatBuddy to play.

While I definitely know a way to create your folder inside the SD card without the use of manager software, I wouldn’t recommend doing so now, when you have the software available. The risk is simply not worth it.

Instead, what I suggest you to do is the following:

  1. Backup SD card content (or re-download one from
  2. Create your new folder via manager software. I’ve linked the picture several times throughout the forum already, but here it is again for your convenience:
  3. Upload it via Import-Export > Export Project to Pedal (note to choose the root folder of SD card, something like E:)
  4. Ignore the file overwrite prompt. Everything should be okay.
  5. If something is not okay, simply overwrite SD card content with the backup copy from point 1.

sorry I posted this elsewhere but this might be a more appropriate place. Speaking of root folders, can you give some guidance on what I should do when I get the attached message on my Mac? thanks