Folders and Onsong

Any suggestions on how I should name folders with beatbuddy I will be using onsong with midi
Bluetooth. I have 270 songs at the moment with onsong in alphabetical order. I perform at venues.
Shall I store folders in alphabetical order or by slow song,rock and roll ect
I believe with onsong when storing set for gig it will work as how I’m using it now. Any suggestions would be great

No wrong answer. It is what works best for you. My only suggestion is do not use numbers to name your folder, while wanting to use OnSong to control your BeatBuddy. I have my folders in Alphabetical order, with about 50 or so in each folder. I also use OnSong to control my BeatBuddy which works awesome. I can not tell you how nice it is to flip to a song and the BeatBuddy follows suit.

Cool will do what you say cheers

Larry, I have my beatbuddy and onsong working together. But to change songs I hit the foot switch to change song on the beatbuddy and I have my air turn pedal to change songs on my iPad. The way you are explaining how you do sounds awesome if I understand right. Does it have to the next song on the list or will it find each other no matter what song you pick. Would you be able to supply a written note on how to program the way you do yours.

Gerard LeBlanc

You can program On-Song to trigger the Beat Buddy so each time you pick a song with OnSong, it finds the corresponding BeatBuddy rhythm via Bluetooth. I’m not sure how it would work with both the air turn pedal and BeatBuddy but it’s a start.

Here’s a good video link:

Not seeing any such midi dongle on the market for android yet. So disappointed.

Larry, I’ve viewed the video you shared but haven’t done anything yet. Another problem I seem to have is to pause a song. As I start a song everything goes along fine. I pause the song a few times during the length of the song, and it starts back where I stopped it, but if I’m near the end and pause it, it jumps to the start. Is there a fix for that?

Let me see if I have this straight. You pause the BeatBuddy and the BeatBuddy starts back from the top of the measure?
Are these Whole songs, or are they broken down to Intro-Main-Fills-Outros?