Folsom Prison

Confused after trying so many different beats. Anyone a suggestion for Folsom Prison please?

Or you could try the Song Matching Tool.


I am a huge Johnny Cash fan and trying to stay true to110bpm or thereabouts. I will eventually find the beat in BB but going through each beat one at a time takes forever. I am halfway through Country Beats Collection.
Thanks Persist for the Song Matching Tool suggestion, it was my first call and it suggests Country 2- Train Shuffle @ 103bpm and I have tried various BPMs variations without what I think I am trying to achieve. Thanks also Mike for your songs but as I said I am trying to stay with the original beat. Not sure if this is allowed but here is a link to the beat I am searching for.
Again thanks for your help.

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Or you can try this.

Thanks Phil will give it a workout. Working down the list I arrived at this point any opinion is welcome Folsom Prison 2.sng (1.5 MB)

Yeah I found that works but I had to bump the tempo up to 190