Font size way too small on BPM and other values

Increase the font size for BPM setting especially, but other settings text as well.

Being from Miami you have many “golden” candidates suitable for testing this with the Aeros on the floor. Suspect the demographics of the Aeros skew to the older musicians (and there will be many more in 5-10 years). Few escape this fate. :man_facepalming:

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Or make that USB port functional to mirror the touch screen on a tablet. Then you could put it closer and if playing in bright sunshine, one can locate it so visibility isn’t a problem.

who know.
The bluetooth is not working yet, your idea can be done maybe

Fix the core design problem with a minor change to the font size. It can be done without layout changes.

Screen mirroring is not the best solution for most people.

I was noticing that today on Aeros, and thought that it would certainly help legibility to add a space between the number and the ‘bpm’ …

Thanks for the feedback, we have very limited room and any change is a big one as it can throw things off, we will look into this with the designer perhaps

I will tag as #under-investigation for this purpose

It’s a scrolling window so a font size increase is not hard to support, right?

If you cannot easily increase the font size of the number, then making it bigger when editing (temporarily) is another approach they might work.

Also add simple way to nudge the value up/down by one. The fidgeting with the scroll wheel is hard. Perhaps arrows and/or some scroll wheel deceleration will help.