Fools guide for the BeatBuddy Manager

Hi, created songs for gigging. Found that I can edit midi intro, pattern and outro. However, any change to fills and manager can’t cope. Need to transfer midi files to my pc and this part is alien. Easy when you know how. Is there a fools guide somewhere which outlines every step ( “find the midi files and just…….” Is no good for me ! Thanks in anticipation. Beat Buddy is awesome btw

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From what I have found, the fills are all partial measures (just just “3 and 4” for example) and that makes them really impossible to edit in the manager. I have a few workaround depending on what I am trying to do:

  • For simple fills I will just take the main beat, load it into the Transition spot and edit the back end to match whatever the fill is that I want.
  • For more complex/longer fills, I export the midi (Right click on the part in BBM and chose Export) and edit them in GarageBand (or use whatever midi editor you want).

Either way, I always have to get them to be “full measure” length instead of just being the back half. It’s hacky, but I can usually make it work.

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thanks for the awesome information.

Just the job. Thank you


I wish I had known about this document at the beginning. Thank you persist.

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