Foot pedal functions -

I would like to see the foot pedal functions be upgraded so that we can select folders. Suggestion: In the stopped play mode, Press both pedals together the trigger the folders. The left to advance from folder to folder, or right to go the other way. depress again when the folder is found. then depress the left pedal to advance to the next song etc… maybe the left button to g backwards.

Can this be done now, or could this function be programmed in?

Love to hear from you

This can be done now on the remote foot switch, Athol.

p4 of the user guide: “Hands free folder navigation. You can set your footswitch to go to the next song or to the last song in a folder, but until now there was no way to use the footswitch to enter or exit the folders themselves. So we added the capability that when a footswitch is set to Song Advance or Song Back, holding the footswitch down enters or exits a folder. Please note that this will only work with Momentary (unlocked) type footswitches, not latching (locked) ones. We changed Of cial BeatBuddy Footswitch from latching to momentary around 1 year ago. To test the type of footswitch you have go to Settings > Footswitch > Footswitch detector.”