Foot Pedal

I use my Beatbuddy pedal “mono” and was thinking of hooking up a volume control pedal down stream from the BeatBuddy pedal. I assume the volume pedal should be placed downstream ? Will any passive pedal work or do I need something special? Thanks.

I use a cheap boss fv50 pedal downstream, and apart from hating everything about it, it works.
The fv50 is a nasty horrible pedal that does not allow enough control, i.e. i can’t minimise the gain cut enough, it feels horrible and has too little mechanical resistance, but it works, and for the pittance it cost i probably should not complain.
On keyboard sounds it introduces pops and static sound, but on the BB these seem un noticeable.

If performing smooth dynamic changes during a song is required, i would advise to buy another pedal.
At this stage I’m in the practice room still, and for simply adjusting the differences in gain between a brushes kit and a hard hit sticks kit, or exploring the concept of real time dynamics from the BB, it does the job.

Will have my ears open for any recommendations people offer regarding a good pedal.


Knob or foot operated?

Definitely foot. Not into any of that kinky stuff. :smiley:


Ha, well played!!

I’ve had good luck with most Behringer stuff (foot pedal FCV100 which is probably a Boss clone) and Joyo (knob driven volume pedal - JF-38 Audio Roll Boost). Both run around $30 but I haven’t tried either so you’ll have to go by the on-line reviews to see if either of them might meet your needs.

I did use the volume control on the BB during my last live session so it’s handy to have that control available during performance. Given that I’m playing bass and singing harmonies, I don’t have enough brain resources left to monkey around with volume during the song so a knob-driven pedal works fine for me - allowing me to tweak the drum volume per song. Since I added the ability to use an external pedal for the main foot pedal, I keep the BB up on a chair so it’s in arm’s reach. Having it sitting up higher means I can reach the knobs and see the screen without bending over while I’m holding an instrument.

Eventually, I’d like to see the BBManager having an overall volume setting per song so that I can program that aspect of the drum track before hand and only deal with the overall volume of the pedal once during a performance.