Foot switch and Aeros link

I’m sure the question has been asked before, and I have searched for it, but for some reason can’t find a thread…

The right button on my foot switch kills the beatbuddy and my loop. How do I get my loop and the BeatBuddy to start together again without doing a shuffle on stage that is going to cause me an injury one day? Thanks In advance.

It is a pause. Hit the button again to start the track from the beginning with no beat buddy intro.

When I hit the button again, The beat starts, but the Aeros does nothing.

So the button does pause, but i can’t get the Aeros to start again without having to hit play on the Aeros, and even that has to be timed perfectly. I’d like the beat and loop to start together with a click of the footswitch.

I took a video of this and can upload it to YouTube and link it here if need be.