Foot Switch Cable Length

I just want to be able to change the Tempo only and Standard to Brushes (middle button), while keeping the same Folder(Blues). How can I do that Without Bending Down and turning the dial button making the Tempo & Drum Set?
Why can’t I have a cable long enough from the (foot switch, sitting on the floor) so I can stop can step on the start/stop and cymbal button with my foot; and have the cable long enough for the Beat Buddy main box to sit next to me, (say on a stool) about 4 feet high? Then I could just reach over and make “Main” BB changes with my hand. The foot switch would still be on the floor for stop/start & cymbal sounds?

You can have it any length you like. Just make sure it is a standard wired TRS cable. I use one that is 6 feet. But you could go longer.

Where did you get it? I can’t seem to find one that is the same kind of connector on both ends like standard short one.

HOSA is a fairly good brand. Pick the length you want…

Or an end with a right angle plug so the cable exits towards the rear of the BB…

Thanks for taking the answer Mark - I am in Oz, so could not get back until I was online again, AND you have the info on the US shops :slight_smile:

Hello & thanks for the reply.

Can I play a song using a specific beat, tempo, drum set, etc save it to an SD card,

play another song using a different menu, genre, etc, then save it to the same card,

until I have a play list (10 or so different songs) using a different BB set for each song, then when performing have a foot switch or other simple button to push to just automatically move to the next song’s Beat Buddy settings previously selected?

In other words, I don’t want to have to stop between songs and make all the changes manually to the BB in order to be ready for the next song?

If there is someone who charges to “teach” this I am willing to pay because I’m the type that would need All the details including equipment to use, computer keys to select if necessary, and things like that. In other words, easiest way /how to do a one-man show.



I keep my BB on my stand so i made up two cables (one for spare) 6 feet long with a stereo jack on both ends. TRS

Lots of options.

Sweetwater has an interactive cable selector. Select the type, the connectors, the function, and it will present you with the matching product offerings.

I bought a 2-pack (one to use and one for backup) of 5-foot Hosa Technology cords for my foot pedal. And the reason being to have more length. 5 months later and no issues.