Foot switch delay

When I plug the beat buddy into my home stereo it worked fine. I moved to another room and plugged it into a set of Bose Bluetooth speakers with an auxiliary jack and nor the foot switch has a delay. It appears that the pedal is receiving the signal when the switch is pressed, but it takes a couple of seconds to hear the effect through the speakers.

If you have headphones, try plugging them into the BeatBuddy (BB) mini output jack. If there’s no delay in the pedal audio, it could be an indicator that there is an issue with the Bluetooth speakers.

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Bluetooth audio has an inherent delay. It has nothing to with the BeatBuddy at all.

Plug your BeatBuddy directly into the speakers with a cable and the problem will disappear.

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I had to learn that a lot of bluetooth speakers have (almost) the same delay through BT as through their Aux-ins. Sometimes, it’s more than half a second. I don’t know why - I found it even on ‘musical’ brands. Had to return some mobile speakers.

Hey there, unfortunately this summarizes the issue:

I will tag this as #not-a-bug, thanks for the question!