Foot Switch functions


I gig with a pedal board that has a harmonizer/effects box, BT 105 air turn, and soon the Beatbuddy and the footswitch a total of 11 pedals and I bet my board is much smaller than most. Anything that can be done to reduce the amount of time bent down and adjusting sounds at the board is a BIG plus. therefore please consider putting as many functions at the foot switch as you can such as volume control, outtro/intro fills, etc.


Hi there, Luvaul! That’s indeed an impressive amount of pedals you have :slight_smile:
I’m rocking with only BeatBuddy and Boomerang III!

By the way, what specific functions do you really want to be accessible on an external footswitch? If you check the manual, you’ll find a list of already supported functions. Do you need any specific functions that are not on the list?


I don’t have my BeatBuddy yet supposed to get it in the next shipment, so I don’t have the manual yet. But I do believe you said volume control by pedal at the foot switch was not a function. As you can imagine I am pretty busy with all the pedals so, for me, I would gladly trade the ability to drum tap by foot switch for the ability to raise or lower volume by those 2 pedals on the foot switch, also after i see the manual you’re right, some functions I would like may already be there. When I’m not doing shows I have 2 or 3 open mics a week that i drop in on to practice new songs etc. and the sound men already go nuts trying to get a handle on all the sounds coming from my board now, without drums.


Actually, you do have the manual, not just a physical copy of it. You can download it here -

Have fun! :slight_smile:

As for having a volume control on pedals, that’s a nice suggestion that is being discussed internally to be added in future releases.


I’d like to be able to move up and down my folder of programmed songs with the extension switch when nothing is playing.


To use BB without the BB Footswitch and not have to bend over between every songs, you’d need and auto advance to the next song in the folder upon stopping the current song.

My experience is BB needs the BB Footswitch to at least move down in your set folder. If you don’t have your songs in order you’ll have the loud click, click, click, click going on while you are not playing. The pause function on the footswitch is nice but I could do without it. Tap tempo not needed if you have your set folder.