Foot Switch

I have read the manual 4 times, I have searched the forum for videos with no luck, is there any videos that show the correct way to connect the foot pedal to the beat buddy and any videos that show how the foot switch works?
I have it working some what but not sure if it is correct, I can select my playlist with the right button on the foot switch and can scroll down to a song but if I scroll past it I have to keep scrolling all the way through the list to get back to the song that I went past, is there a way to go back if you scroll past?
Hope this makes sense.

Use a TRS cable to connect the BB pedal to the remote foot switch making sure that it’s firmly seated on both ends. Configuring the remote foot switch settings is a matter of taste and whatever works best for you. You can use my settings as a starting point and adjust from there: post #2

That is exactly what I was looking for thank you very much