Footswitch 2 Problem

I have already been in contact with Support about this problem, so I’m not looking for a solution, I’m just wanting to know if others are having this issue. I’ve read some posts on this forum from 2021 & 2022 that indicate the same issue, but I’m experiencing it now (2023) so I’m assuming it’s still a problem.

I’ve used my BeatBuddy regularly since 2016, and the original footswitch worked fine for 7 years. In May 2023, I bought a new one, and by July the right switch was malfunctioning. Just like others in this forum have described… the right switch began to only work intermittently. Left switch works fine, however, it gets only a small fraction of the use that the right switch gets. I use that switch (1) for pausing songs & (2) cycling to the next song in the playlist, and usually the issue is it just doesn’t do those things, however sometimes even with a normal “tap” of the switch it acts like I held it down, so it enters the Library screen. At that point, I can use the left switch to cycle up in the list, but the right switch doesn’t cycle down like it should, again indicating a problem with the right switch.

After submitting a short video to Support showing this behavior, they promptly shipped me a new footswitch. I began using this replacement in early August, and just last week (mid-September) the replacement started exhibiting the EXACT SAME malfunction! I am told by Singular Sound that the warranty is only good for the original unit. Really? The exact same malfunction is occurring with two different footswitches within a 4-month window, and the response is… “Sorry about your luck?” I’m not happy about this.

See my post at Footswitch (BB) - #20 by persist

When I had a similar issue with the foot switch detector identifying my switches as latching, I immediately took my home built remote foot switch apart and tested all of the connections for good continuity and found no issues. Just to be sure there were no mechanical or connection issues, I tested this remote foot switch on my other products from Strymon, Pigtronix and Line 6; both switches worked just fine.

As annoying as Support’s reply might seem to be, this is pretty much the warranty standard for almost all products.

A possible workaround might be: if you were allowed to keep your original remote foot switch (if you didn’t have to return it to Singular Sound), you could try removing the left switch and swapping it out with the right switch in the replacement sent to you.
If you did have to send in the first one, and you’re handy with a soldering iron, you could buy a new switch (highly recommend Carling)—just make sure that it matches the MOMENTARY function of the remaining good switch (MOMENTARY “Off” or “On”).

Please let us know what you end up doing to resolve the issue.

You may also have an intermittent disconnect in your cable. The jostling of disconnecting and reconnecting the new pedal may have temporarily resolved the disconnect, but it will always come back.

And I say that as someone who still uses the secondary switch I bought as part of their Kickstarter campaign.

That said, though, if you are halfway handy with a soldering iron, replacing a switch is not that hard. Might be worth getting a couple of new, high-quality switches and trying your hand at becoming an “electronics hobbyist.”


Good luck – let us know what happens.


Expensive but well worth it

What’s the recommended lube for the switch, in case it oxidized from the humidity?

Deoxit Contact Cleaner

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My first foot switch had the same exact problem- right switch quit working after a couple days. So I got a new one and same thing about a week later. So before I took everything apart I decided to try the easy solution first and blasted the switch with Deoxy It. Sprayed it right down the where the foot switch button meets the body. It worked! It’s jammed up on me since, and again a little Deoxy brought it back.

Thanks for your help! So far, DeoxIt is working. I still have my original foot switch (7 years old), and it has never had this problem. Only these new ones are having the issue.

Yep, that is indeed the problem. The vertical plunger on the switch side binds and can be detected as a latch rather then a monetary switch. It doesn’t totally return to it’s up/off position intermittently . I applied a very small amount of lubricant (very small) to the white part on the switch and exercised it with a toothpick and it working fine now. I’ll always keep a spare
pedal with me in the event it fails again. I suspect it will fail at the most crucial time.

I must express my disappointment in the quality of the switches in this pedal given the premium price we pay for this relatively simple switch…

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At least the BB switches are a metal alloy. Other pedals (rhymes with schmoss) have switches made of plastic. I HATE critical parts made of plastic!!!