Footswitch assign

Hi just bought a loopstation, wondering if you are able to change the footswitch assignment?
still only tried 2x2 mode, but I automatically hit the middle button to record track 1 but this is assigned to track 2. I thought it would be the first Record button for track 1, second record button for track 2.
just seems natural to me to work from left to right.

yeah that is how it is set up Right button for track 1, Middle button for track 2.
Just wanted to know if these can be swapped over?
I would have thought (well at least for me) Middle button track 1, Right button track 2, would be the natural way to have them.

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This is something we’ve briefly brought up with dev… I do understand the L=1 R=2 logic, thank you for posting, will bring it up.