Footswitch assign

Hi just bought a loopstation, wondering if you are able to change the footswitch assignment?
still only tried 2x2 mode, but I automatically hit the middle button to record track 1 but this is assigned to track 2. I thought it would be the first Record button for track 1, second record button for track 2.
just seems natural to me to work from left to right.

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yeah that is how it is set up Right button for track 1, Middle button for track 2.
Just wanted to know if these can be swapped over?
I would have thought (well at least for me) Middle button track 1, Right button track 2, would be the natural way to have them.

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This is something we’ve briefly brought up with dev… I do understand the L=1 R=2 logic, thank you for posting, will bring it up.

Just got my looper today and this is what I expected too. My wife was sitting next to me and I said the same thing.

It’s not unreasonable as it is.

It means that in 6x6 mode and 2x2 mode the right hand button stays consistent.

Also, as a guitarist, I’m used to the idea of pedal chains that go right to left, so the aeros kind of fits with my mental state while playing.

I find it unreasonable, nonsensical and furthermore unnatural.
I am not a fan of unlearning and or relearning especially when it is only one thing that does it.

Unless you are from the middle east. As I understand it they read from right to left.

It would be good to allow some kind of switch command customization, no doubt.

The Pigtronix looper and Aeros does it right to left. The Boomerang, Ditto and 1 EHX does it left to right.

Honestly, IDK which I would prefer if I had the choice. On any pedal with a lower row of buttons, I do think that I prefer the first one on the right be the dominant action, or the action that kicks things off. Even when I’m customizing my own MIDI controller layouts, my approach is right to left based on feature dominance … that includes my layout for selecting Part Numbers in Aeros from a controller.

Anyway, I’m all for letting the user decide. Neither way is unreasonable, unnatural or nonsensical.


With the Boomerang, it depends on the type of loop you’re doing. I’ve been using a pair of Boomerang III’s for years (recently sold one to buy the loop studio and just getting rolling with it). If you’re doing ABC on the Boomerang, it’s Left to Right. If you’re recording a short sync track, you start with C on the Far Right and then typically I would go to B, Middle, for the first add on track… and then when you hit A, C keeps playing and then A and B toggle.

I ended up setting my Aeros to 2x2 and Freeform to replicate the flow I’ve been used to, until I can embrace the additional features or control other functions, so recording with the Right button first seems natural. The only thing I have to get used to is deciding to lock the first track or not… but honestly, it’s kind of liberating to lay down a “Chorus Rhythm”, then switch parts to the “Verse Rhythm” and have them be different lengths… then I have the freedom to overdub on those tracks or add a separate track on each to toggle on and off.

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Yes I have often got these switches the wrong way round. I’d much rather go from left to right. Or at least make them assignable.

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