Footswitch compatible?

This is the 3rd one I’ve ordered from Thomann
each time the right button no longer works after 15 days of testing
It’s not very solid frankly, and it’s really painful when in the middle of a concert you can’t do the breaks and the covers of the pieces correctly.
I’m starting to get tired of returning it and am looking for another much sturdier brand that could do the job. So which Footswitch could you recommend to me that is compatible with the beatbuddy and that is solid this time?

Footswitch compatible ?
c’est la 3eme que je commande chez Thomann
a chaque fois le bouton de droite ne fonctionne plus apres 15 jours d’essais
ce n’est pas tres solide franchement, et c’est vraiment penible quand en plein milieu d’un concert on n’arrive pas faire les breaks et les reprises des morceaux correctement.
Je commence a en avoir assez de la retourner et je cherche une autre marque beaucoup plus solide qui pourrait faire le travail. Alors quelle Footswitch pourriez vous me conseiller et qui soit compatible avec la beatbuddy et qui soit solide cette fois ?

Please contact Support,

I’ve been using a Rock Stock Dual Foot Switch Pedal (this one:

Built like a tank. Used it for 20+ shows since February with no issues.

I also have a Singular Sounds one, but it started getting unreliable after about a year. I do a handful of numbers with “big finishes” where I spam the crap out of the accent hit at the end of the song to simulate a big vamp ending, and that is the button that wore out on the SS pedal.

At the time I noticed the problem, amazon was sold out of the SS one, so I bought the Rock Stock one instead. I stuck with it because it’s well built and takes up ~half the footprint of the SS one.

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The homebuilt Digitech Switch 3 is used for a TCHelicon Play GTX and FS-5U’s for the BeatBuddy. Two 1/4"TS pancake plugs combine to the cable and the BeatBuddy end is a 1/4"TRS plug.


I use the Boss FS-6 Dual Foot Switch. You’ll want to use it in FS-5U mode. It is battery power only out of the box but I drilled a small hole in the back panel and added a power jack connected to the battery leads so I could power from an external 9V PS.

Boss FS 7 , no battery needed !

I’ve been using the Mosky dual switch with no problems. It’s small so it doesn’t take as much room on my pedal board. Here’s a link: DUAL SWITCH PEDAL Guitar Effect Pedal

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