Footswitch Detector...Doesn't.

Just got my BeatBuddy today along with the BeatBuddy footswitch. I’ve updated to the 141 firmware, but I can’t get the footswitch to be recognized. I run the detector and get the prompt to press and release left footswitch. Hitting either left or right does nothing. Has anyone run into this? Defective footswitch maybe?? I don’t have another cable to try so I’m unsure about how to proceed. Any help greatly appreciated.

Open up the footswitch and see if any of the wires have come lose. Next option is to try another stereo patch cable. They are quite cheap and I keep on losing mine so they come in handy for spares.

If you narrow it down to the cable, you can get a short TRS cable off amazon for a good price. Monoprice cables seem to be cheap and decent quality. If you’re still under warrantee, ask Singular Sound for a factory replacement.

Thanks guys! I knew it wasn’t the cable or the BeatBuddy itself as I was able to get a Boss FS-6 footswitch that I had laying around to work. So this morning I decided to just go ahead an look inside and sure enough one of the wires had come loose. 5 minutes with the soldering iron and it’s fully functional. Once again, thank you very much for the assistance!

Good job, William!