Footswitch doesn't stop my Boomerang anymore?

I used to be able to stop and start my Boomerang with the footswitch but now I can only stop it with the main pedal !

The footswitch settings look OK !

Everything else works with the footswitch (Like Song advance and Song back etc )

I haven’t got a clue what I’ve done ?

REALLY frustrating :frowning:

Firmware 3.8.0

Hi, Tobbe. You may have already tried all of these so this may serve only as a trouble-shooting sequence for other users having similar issues:

  1. Test your MIDI cables preferably between the BeatBuddy (BB) and another MIDI-enabled device;
  2. Reset and check all of your remote foot switch settings; start with the detect and configure;
  3. Check and reset the settings on your ‘Rang;
  4. If you’ve recently updated firmware on either of your pedals, download, unzip and copy the BB firmware files to an unlocked SD card; use your computer SD slot reader (apropos since you “love” USB so much, right? :rofl:).

Please let us know what you did to fix the issue.

I just found out what it was !

The “Mute Pause” ( Under Main Pedal settings ) option was NOT set to MIDI Activated for some reason !

After this I’ve made a backup of the ( hidden ) file FOOTSW.INI !

It would be nice if the BBM had all the settings for the BB so you could get a nice overview .

Glad you sorted it out and thanks for circling back to let us know what you found.

Agreed. Being able to (see) and manage the BB settings as preferences in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) would be a great capability and was asked for several years ago by more than one user… Somehow I just don’t see that happening though because every time a feature or change is made to the firmware, the BBM software would have to be updated.

Really sad that they abandoned the development of the BBM.

I am really interested in the Aeros Loop Studio but after knowing what happened to BBM that wont be happening !

They’ve done a reasonably fair job of keeping the BB firmware current so it will function with the AEROS and Maestro. On the other hand they’ve kept the BBM software on life support while they finish up development of their new products.

You’re right though that anyone that reads the comments here and on other forums might get the impression that the company’s ongoing sustainment history (for fielded products) is an indicator of what to expect for continuing product maintenance.