Footswitch losing programming

Is it normal for the footswitch to lose my custom settings (i.e. which switch does what, when) every time I sync the SD card on my laptop?
So every time after sync’-ing my project on BBM onto the SD card, I have to re-program the footswitch functions to my liking…

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If you are using Export to SD, then yes, perfectly normal (albeit annoying). If you are using Synch, then no, it should retain your pedal settings.

The footswitch settings are on the SD card in the PARAMS folder. (three files). Copy these files to your computer and when synchronizing, copy them to the SD card

Thx Joel.
BBM would not let me sync… so I have to export every time… is there a way to overcome the sync issue ?

This might help: Foot Switch Settings (again)

Are you on Mac or PC? If on Mac, I have no idea – but @persist has provided a very useful link to check out; if on PC, 9 times out of 10, the problem is making sure you’ve selected the right drive letter for your SD card. But if you’re exporting successfully, that might not be the issue. Maybe @BeatBuddy_Support will weigh in asking for more information (like card type, age, drive letter, that sort of thing).

@Herman_Steyl What is your operating system and version? If it is a Mac, is it 10.12 or above?

I’m running on Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit SP1.
When trying to Sync, it tells me “Destination project at File is not linked” then prompts me to rather used EXPORT. Once I have done this, I can sync, as long as the SD cards stays in the PC. Once removed, I have to export again.

Have you tried a different SD card? This sounds really weird.

@Herman_Steyl This seems to be a scenario in which the SD card is not linked for synchronization.

Here is the solution (keep in mind that this will ERASE whatever is one the SD card right now and replace it with whatever is in your BBManager, the entire project):

First check what letter drive the SD card is while inserted into the computer (or in the BB connected via USB) by looking at it in Windows Explorer. Then do the following -

  1. File > Export > Project to SD Card
  2. There is going to a window that pops up asking if you want to export the project to the saved location and it will list a directory. If this location is NOT the letter of the SD card’s drive, and only the letter itself, then click ‘no’. If it is the letter itself, then click ‘yes’ and skip to step 4.
  3. After clicking ‘no’, Windows Explorer will pop up. Select the SD card’s drive from the left pane (only the drive itself, not any folder inside it) and click ‘select folder’.
  4. Overwrite the existing project when prompted, and at the end of the process it will ask if you want to link the project for future synchronization, click ‘yes’.

If the above process doesn’t solve the issue, let me know. Thank you.