Footswitch made quieter

Stuffing the footswitch with packing peanuts will quiet it some. My DB meter reads 5-8 DB quieter after packing. You’ll need 3-4 times the volume of the pedal in peanuts depending on their density (crushability). They need to be packed fairly tightly, but don’t bend the wiring in the footswitch or stuff them into the 1/4" jack. Start by pushing peanuts everywhere under the wiring for support for when you put peanuts on top. You want enough peanuts that everything has peanuts jammed against it. Now pile them up on top overfilling and press them down. Hard part is to get the cover back in place. Push peanuts in where they are not getting caught between the cover and the BB shell, else you might cause unequal forces upon tightening the cover. Four hands will help.

That’s brilliant. It never crossed my mind that the footswitch is a nice little resonance chamber. I have some insulating foam lying around that will dampen it quite nicely.

great idea. Its very loud when tapping tempo in preparation to come into a song.

I switched to the roland FS-6 pedal no noise and it works well

FS-6 works until you forget to bring a spare battery to the gig.