Every time I take my card out put it in computer to sync new songs or changes of song to the card and sync I have to reset the main pedal and footswitch settings that I had before I took card out of pedal.Its really frustrating as I edit songs alot and am continually having to go through process of setting up the pedal preferences again every time I put card back in BB arrrrgh …please help
yes i have the latest firmware

Why are you pulling the card out to do this? All you do is plug into your PC via the USB and fire up the manager and it will see your card. I haven’t had the problem you are experiencing and thinking it might be because of the workflow you are using as the BB may not be recognizing it as the same card you used before.

The reason I put the SD card straight into my computer is I found it more convenient than having to get the usb connector and someone suggested I do it that way I will definately try your suggestion though,thanx

I wonder if it will make a difference …

I’ve had the same experience, I’ll try updating via usb cable next time and see if it resolves it. I’d prefer either option tho as my BB is on a fairly big pedal board so I have to have my laptop on the floor (I’ll never remember to buy a longer usb cable :rolleyes: )

Ive never taken the card out of the pedal. Yes the cable is short but I always leave the card in and connect it to my laptop when I need to update sync the songs to the pedal. No issues so far, other than it taking a LONG time to synchronize the BBM files to the pedal. Just have to be patient.