Footswitch Modifications

O.K. I see all you Geeks modifying the footswitch. I have an idea but no clue how or if it could be done. Modify the footswitch so that the left “cymbal crash” button operates the beat buddy to do in reverse what the right switch does so you could go forward and backwards to search for desired beats.

No need to modify anything. This function is already available from the BB. Set the 1st to advance and the 2nd to Back. Manual page 33 and 34.

• 1st Footswitch Function -
1st = LEFT button,
2nd = RIGHT button. (NOTE: Because both
the 1st and 2nd footswitch settings menus
are identical, we are only elaborating on one
of them)

Song Advance

  • Loads the next song
    in the current folder

    Song Back
  • Loads the previous song
    in the current folder

Ah, well. I can’t help you with the mini. Sorry about that.