FootSwitch Noises

Is it ok to use WD-40 in the footswitch (expansion) pedal? It squeeks and clanks something awful. My Mic even picks it up out live.
I also want to put a foam ring (or cushion of some sort) between the top of switch and the housing.
Anyone else have issue, and a solution, for this?
Thanks first.

You can use WD-40 but the “clanks” part indicates some other type of problem. Is this one of the older remote foot switches from Singular Sound with latching switches? If so, you might want to trade it in or replace the switches with momentary switches.

Make sure the shaft of the switch is clean and not sticky with dirt or other residue (compressed air helps to get it clean. Make sure the fastening nuts on the top of the enclosure are snug; if you have De-Oxit, use a light squirt on the shaft of each switch and click each switch several times to work it in.

When Singular Sound was still using the latching switches, some users reported that using foam on the inside of the enclosure helped to deaden the sounds of the switch.

If you decide to replace the switches and you want to do it yourself, search this forum for Carling or Lehle.


I went with the foam and wd-40. what i really need is a smaller enclosure since all i use it for is changing between songs/patches.