Footswitch not working

Hi all,

The left switch on my singular sound footswitch has stopped working and I’ve tried re-setting it several times but it’s still not being detected. This is the second footswitch I have purchased and the first one did something similar. It has been working fine the last few weeks but in the also two days the it’s stopped working which is not good good for my live performance as I have it set up to play an outro full. I have cleaned the switch WD-40 to see if dirt got in there but that didn’t work. Any ideas? Thanks!

You might try DeOxit contact cleaner. WD40 should not be used to clean switches or contacts of electronic devices.
A few on this board have replaced switches in the BB and might be able to direct you to a vendor where a suitable replacement can be purchased.

The cable you are using is a TRS to TRS (tip-ring-sleeve), correct? Any chance the cable might be a problem?

Hiya Mark. It’s a TRS cable I’m using. The footswitch has been working fine up until a few days ago and it just stopped working. I haven’t had pedal very long so it seems like it’s not very robust if the switch can go that quickly. This is my 2nd pedal as I had the same issue with the first one I bought. If anyone could direct me to a vendor that could replace the switch that would be great. I’m based in Ireland. Cheers! :grinning:

Just a suggestion, please ignore if not applicable…

why not swap the working switch from the previous pedal with the broken one on your recent pedal.
Its a very easy job if you know basic soldering.

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My thoughts:

*“Hiya Mark. It’s a TRS cable I’m using.”

Please do try a different TRS cable if you haven’t already. If it’s the same left switch on both footswitches that are acting up it could just be a cable that has the problem.


I’m on my 2nd footswitch having all kinds of issues after they replaced both the Beat Buddy and The footswitch once already. I only bought them in April. So frustrating. Not working well enough for my gig tomorrow. Pretty pissed at this point. They’ve have not been used much at all.