Footswitch question - Will it work??


I am waiting for my BB to be delivered, but I need to make a quick decision on the footswitch. I plan to use a stereo Y cable and hook up a couple of Zoom momentary switches which my friend has lying around. Questions is, will it work? Does the cable for the dual footswitch use an ordinary stereo TRS jack?

Pics for reference

It should work but I defer to any of our users that may be using it or found out that it didn’t

The BeatBuddy Remote Foot Switch comes with a TRS male-to-male cable

Yes, a normal TRS cable and a Y splitter will work. I can’t guarantee the Zoom foot switch will work but it can’t hurt to try. Does it have switches for polarity and normally open v closed?

It doesn’t have a switch for polarity and based on the diagram I recall seeing on the box, it is normally open.

It should work but I can’t back that up with experience on that specific switch.