Footswitch Settings in Mini 2?

I have plugged in a single Boss FS-5U pedal (I had a couple lying around) into my new BB mini 2 and it plays the accented hit i.e. The cymbal which is of little use to me.
My question is can I somehow plug the other Boss FS-5U pedal and how?
If not can I change the accent to a kick drum?
If not can I change the foot switch to simply pause the mini? Then press to make it start again?
Any and all help gratefully received

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Boss FS-5U pedal
If you use a stereo cable or at least a stereo jack, you should be able to connect both, one footswitch to the left and one to the right connection and common ground, then you would have a pause/play button and a accent button. Or connect one pedal only to the inner ring then you would have the play/pause instead of the accent (the tip of the jack is the accent). (hope this makes sence to you)

What renevmind said is basically correct. What you need is a sometimes called an “insert cable.” It has 2 TS mono connectors on 1 end and a TRS stereo connector on the other end:

The ends marked “tip” and “ring” go into you FS-5U pedals. The other end goes into the BB footswitch jack.

Thank you so much for your advice, which I will do my best to take