Footswitch to access reverse

Up until now I have have not needed a midi controller while using the Aeros. Now we have a reverse function that’s changed. The midi maestro looks great but a bit pricey just to access a reverse function. I don’t have Beat Buddy and I just use the Aeros in my home studio so no live work so I cannot see what other benefit i would get from the maestro.

Does anyone use any cheaper alternative

If you have time for some patience on this, we may have a solution for you without a MIDI controller soon, but in the end the MIDI controller will be much better at doing exactly what you want without too much tapdancing. You may want the MIDI controller in the end even if we can make this handsfree on the Aeros.

Stay tuned!

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Sounds promising I’ll wait see what you come up with.

Don’t mind a bit of tap dancing😊


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If I look to the Aeros, I see the reverse function possible trough the Mix page, using the Start/Stop or the Select (hold down)
To avoid double tap