Footswitch to end song

Sometime there’s a lot going on at the end of a song and ending it on the right beat as a group is not always the easiest thing to do. I find the double tap to end the song doesn’t always work the way I want. Can the footswitch handle this operation? Such as one press on the left switch and the beats ends on the 4th beat, or press the right switch and it would end with the fill. Just a though, it would be nice. Great new firmware update. Thanks for being on top of things.

Love this idea! I would rather have these 2 options than tap tempo and crash.

You can set the footswitch to pause the song, and then hold the main pedal down to stop the song while it is paused (assuming you set the Start Beat setting to Release via the BB’s settings menu). This will end the song without any outro.

@8daypsalmist You can change the functions of the footswitch via the settings menu by pressing the ‘tempo’ and ‘drum set’ knobs down at the same time, then Footswitch > Footswitch Functions - and from there choosing a function for each of the four options (1st switch/2nd switch and paused/playing).

I use 1st FS for pause/unpause while playing (easier to hit if you’re ‘right footed’ :slight_smile: and set 2nd FS as an outro fill (just to give it something to do but I rarely use them - that’s tricky timing!) but hope I don’t hit it while playing and use the 2nd FS to advance songs in the set list when stopped. Ending the song safely in silence is fine after pausing. I’ve used Buddy for a few shows now with the trio and its been fine. The fills usually work into the feel of most pop tunes off the main pedal but nights when I’m not feeling adventurous I can lay off the fills and transitions and all goes well.

There’s a setting that let’s you trigger the Outro with the foot pedal, then the song ends on the fourth beat. Does that help?