Footswitch won’t do tap tempo anymore when selected on Main Pedal?

Hi. I’ve used my BeatBuddy for years and to set tempo I would hold down the main pedal and tap the tempo on the Footswitch. No problem. And this would save the main pedal being tapped so often. Now when I updated to 4.1.6 it no longer allows tap to be done on Footswitch only on main pedal.
Any ideas if this can be reverted back or am I stuck now bashing my main pedal? Any advice welcome.

Settings on Footswitch +
Stopped - song back
Playing - accent hit
Paused - accent hit

Stopped - song advance
Playing - Pause
Paused - unpause

You can revert to the previous firmware version that worked for you.

Thanks Persist but I updated from 3 so I could make use of the playlist feature. So I’m in an either/or situation? There is not a setting or something I’m missing?

According to pp. 24-25 of the BeatBuddy (BB) User Manual > Settings,!AOtbaRpC2sQ-sM4&id=BE4CD6F467601A5A!170572&cid=BE4CD6F467601A5A&parId=root&parQt=sharedby&o=OneUp a Tap Tempo setting is available. I’m not near my pedal so I can’t validate that this does/doesn’t work but you should be able to set it up and try it out. I would suggest that you run the foot switch detector before attempting.

Let us know if this helps.

Thanks for reply persist.
The Tap tempo selection is a function and will replace whatever Stopped function I’d prefer eg Song advance/song back. Where as before I was just able to tap tempo from main pedal or footswitch without triggering the ‘Stopped’ functions. So yes tap tempo available as the instructions say I may just have to give up another function.
The reason I like to use footswitch for tap tempo is to preserve the main pedal. I am on my 4th one now. I gig a lot and am a piano player so foot control is essential.

Guess it’s an “either-or” answer then. :grinning:

And also, as gigging with it now, when using song advance and sing back while in stopped mode how do you select the beat?? Seems this is not possible now either. Some real bugs in use. Any one else having problems selecting beats?

Looks like I’ll be trying earlier release

Hey there,

We apologize for the issue caused here but really this was a state you were making use of that was actually a bug on the BeatBuddy that in tap tempo mode any command or interaction would be treated like a tap tempo command, which was something we fixed as we were working on MIDI and found the bug.

It is unfortunate that you cannot replicate this anymore, but you can also use an older version you like if you prefer it.

Thanks for reporting, but this is not a bug rather the downside of a fix for a bug